About Us

Mentor. Educate. Support

Gifted Community Centre GCC is a registered, independent, disability and development youth led (community based) organization formed for and by youth with disabilities in the Kibera slums of Nairobi, Kenya. It was formed by two youth with disabilities who share a vision of an empowered and inclusive society.

We majorly target youth/ persons with disabilities residing within the informal settlements of Nairobi, especially Kibera, and college/ university youth with disabilities.



Shaping the future of every youth with disability where everyone of them has a secure income.


To become the leading organization where every youth with disability has the opportunity to achieve their full potential , and fully participate in all the aspects of life.

Our Objectives

The collective focus of Gifted Community Centre GCC and its members and partners is on achieving the following:

  • To support persons with disabilities in to sustainable livelihoods through capacity building training, business startups, and direct employment.

  • To improve the skills,knowledge,and experiences of youth with disabilities through multifaceted approaches.

  • To improve the literacy levels and rates of children and adults with disabilities.

  • To assist and support individual talents,and enhance personal employability programmes.

  • To advocate and create awareness about the rights of persons with disabilities.

Our Partners