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Stella’s Impact Story

My encounter with GCC: My name is Stella Onyango (low vision disability) from Kibera. Below is my story on the impact Gifted Community Centre -GCC has made in my life. In 2019, courtesy of GCC, I joined St. Charles Lwanga a vocational institute where I enrolled in fashion design. The programme took one year. GCCs assessment exercise helped me choose the right course which I


How can persons with disabilities manage their mental health during this COVIDSeason?  Gifted community center has been in the forefront sharing tips, food items as well as othercare packages to persons with disabilities during this hard season. We have also beensharing information online based on the World Health Organization and the Ministry ofHealth sources. So far, we have reached over 100 persons with disabilities in Kibera.  So
Gifted Community Event

Gifted Community Event

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